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About Green Tank Terminal

Since the industrial revolution, our economy is based on fossil fuels. We all noticed that the global increase of population and the soaring consumption of energy per capita resulted in a measurable negative impact on our natural environment. We all see the necessity of converting to more sustainable sources of energy like hydro, solar and wind power. Reality is however that fossil fuels and certainly liquid, petroleum based, fuels will continue to provide a sizable part of our energy consumption. Even with the advent of electric cars, petroleum products like gasoline and diesel will drive transportation for a long time to come, whether we like it or not.

Tank terminals, together with tank ships and tank trucks, play a pivotal role in the distribution of petroleum products from refinery to petrol station. As long as there will be gasoline, diesel and other petroleum based fuels, there will be tank terminals. But that does not mean that tank terminals storing inherently polluting fuels should not minimize their impact on the environment.

At Green Tank Terminal we believe that we can do our own little bit at improving the global natural environment. We know tank terminals. We know how difficult but also easy it can be to reduce the environmental impact of a tank terminal. We hope that we can convince and assist you in achieving our goal: the Green Tank Terminal.

Green Tank Terminal is an initiative by Riverlake Solutions, part of the Riverlake Group:

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