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HOW GREEN is your tank terminal?

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Why a Green Tank Terminal? The main reason should obviously be that you, like us, are convinced that you can do your own little bit at improving the global natural environment even when you are working in the oil industry. Being a Green Tank Terminal proves your commitment. And it will convince and motivate your stakeholders.

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For a customer to a tank terminal, internal or external, it is nowadays vital to know that they work with suppliers that minimize their environmental footprint. Being a Green Tank Terminal will prove this.

Investors and banks

Investors and banks are more and more reluctant to commit themselves to unsustainable activities. Being a Green Tank Terminal will convince them of your commitment to the environment.

Governmental authorities

Being a Green Tank Terminal certificate will fit seamlessly with the environmental goals of your permitting authorities. The discussion with the governmental authorities will be much easier when they are convinced that you are committed to minimizing your environmental footprint.

General Public and Media

The general stance of the public, driven by the media and environmental organizations, is generally rather negative towards the oil industry in general. What is more convincing than being a Green Tank Terminal to convince them that you are actually not that bad?


Also the personnel working at the terminal struggles with the environmental impact of the company they work for. Being a Green Tank Terminal will motivate and convince them that their efforts to minimize pollution during their work are worthwhile.