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  • How green is your terminal?

    Assess how green your terminal is.
    Free, quick and no strings attached.

    This quickscan will provide you in just ten minutes a first impression of how green your terminal actualy is compared to other terminals in the world.

Welcome to the Green Tank Terminal Quick Scan!

This Quick Scan will provide you with an easy and quick insight how green your tank terminal is. This Quick Scan consists of eight general questions and then five questions about each of the five main topics influencing the environmental footprint of a tank terminal: air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, energy use and environmental management. Except for the general questions, all questions can be answered just by choosing between Yes and No. Completing all questions should not take more than 10 minutes.

This Quick Scan is for tank terminals storing petroleum products only.

Once you answered all questions and submitted the Quick Scan, we will process the answers and provide you with the resulting report within a few working days.

Download the quickscan sample report

Thank you,
The Green Tank Terminal team.

General questions

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